1998 One Man Show at the Parthenon Museum
1998 One Man Show at the Parthenon Museum
The artist Gerald Morgan Gerald Morgan Biography (Français/French)

Gerald Morgan experienced his first art exhibit, a Rodin expo, in Tokyo, an event that fed his desire to become an artist. Later, in 1980, Morgan made a fortuitous trip to Madrid, Spain. After exposure to the work of Spanish artists Joaquin Sorolla and Diego Velázquez, he began to focus on a painterly realist style. A forty canvas "Untitled" series ensued which featured swamp imagery and waterscapes, most of which found their way into private and corporate collections. Then in the mid-80's he began his three phase series "Image" and, at the same time, he produced a series of large canvases called "Notations" (notes on the water, the land). Morgan's work varied greatly in size and shape but maintained a characteristic painterly style, which continued, in subsequent series: "Diamonds" and "Shanshui."

A newspaper article in 1991 said of paintings at his one-man show at the Oak Ridge Art Center and Museum of Fine Arts, "Morgan reshapes landscapes... Often executed in shapes that could hardly be considered traditional."*
During this period, Morgan had several solo exhibits and his art began to be accepted into museum competitions: J. B. Speed Art Museum's "Eight State Annual, Painting 1982" (Kentucky);"Owensboro Fine Art Museum's "Mid-America Biennial" (Kentucky);
"Realism Today" and "Mid-States Art Exhibition" (both at the Evansville Art Museum, Indiana); Tennessee All-State Annual Exhibition (Nashville, Tennessee).

After a trip to West France in 1994 Morgan was inspired to begin his "Brittany" series, an extensive opus of landscapes on canvas. This body of paintings, based on the French province of Bretagne, rich in Celtic as well as artistic tradition and impressive scenery, was exhibited in a successful solo exhibit in 1997 at Galerie Vanhove in Quimper, France. That same year, the artist spent six weeks in Bretagne (Brittany) painting and gathering material that added more canvases to the Brittany series.

In the fall of 1998, his exhibit Images of Brittany and Tennessee was featured at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. A return trip to Galerie Vanhove in Quimper ensued in 1999, where his work was featured in a one-man exhibit for the summer season.
This was followed that fall with an exhibit at the Galerie Pacaud in nearby Audierne, France. Subsequent exhibitions at Galerie Vanhove in Quimper have been in 2005-'06 and again in 2009.

Gerald Morgan's charcoal drawings were featured in American Artist Magazine in the November issue of 2004. One of his dance images was featured on the cover and a there was a feature article on his drawing technique as well. Additionally, in 2005, Morgan exhibited a solo show of his work at the Franco-American Centre in Manchester, New Hampshire in the U.S.

* The Oak Ridger, Oak Ridge, TN, /April 7, 1991 p.1B

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Solo Exhibitions

2009   Galerie Vanhove, Quimper, France
2005   Galerie Vanhove, Quimper, France
          Franco-American Centre, Manchester, New Hampshire USA

2004   Yvonne Rapp Gallery, Water & Light (Spring) - Louisville, KY USA
          Murfreesboro Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro, TN USA
          Yvonne Rapp Gallery, Dance Drawings (Fall) - Louisville, KY USA

2001   Yvonne Rapp Gallery, Summer Landscapes - Louisville, KY USA
2000   Cheekwood (Botanic Hall), Nashville, TN USA
1999   Galerie Vanhove, Un Américain à Quimper-2, Quimper, France,
          Yvonne Rapp Gallery, Louisville, KY USA
          Galerie Pacaud, Audierne, France

1998   The Parthenon Museum, Images of Brittany and Tennessee Nashville, TN USA
1997   Galerie Vanhove, Un Américain à Quimper, Quimper, France
          West TN Arts Center & Museum, Humboldt, TN USA

1993   Folon-Rigsby Gallery, Nashville, TN USA
1992   Fine Arts Center, Madisonville, KY USA
1991   Oak Ridge Museum of Fine Art, Oak Ridge, TN USA
1990   Watkins Institute-Best of Tennessee Art Exhibits, Nashville, TN
1989   Volunteer State College, Gallatin, TN  USA
1987   Bethune Arts Center, Charleston, SC USA
1982   Pickering Gallery, Nashville, TN USA

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Corporate Collections (France and USA)

Chez Jacky, Riec sur Belon, France
Bridgestone-Firestone Tire Corp., Nashville, TN, USA
Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN, USA
HCA, Nashville, TN, USA
Cracker Barrel Corp, (National Headquarters) Lebanon, TN, USA
Krystal Corp., Chattanooga, TN, USA
Metro Nashville International Airport, Nashville, TN, USA
Kentucky Foundation for Women, Louisville, KY, USA
Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN, USA
Juris Inc. Nashville, TN, USA
BellSouth, Nashville, TN, USA

Private Collections

USA:  Missouri, Colorado, New York, Florida, Indiana, South Carolina,
          Georgia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Virginia, Tennessee.

France: Quimper, Tours, Plomelin, Beg-Meil Fouesnant, Paris and other locations.

Great Britain: Unknown city

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Gallery Representation

Yvonne Rapp Gallery, 2117 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206, USA
Galerie Vanhove, 14, Rue Laennec, 29000 Quimper, France

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In 1980 I made a fortuitous trip to Madrid, Spain and came away deeply impressed with paintings by Joaquin Sorolla and Diego Velázquez. As a result, I realized that representational painting was the path I wanted to seriously pursue. My art at that point had led me into flirting with abstraction on shaped canvases which had begun to feel very unsatisfying to my artist's soul. However, upon return from Spain, I began a lengthy series of ‘Untitled’ images in a representational style which proved more rewarding.

One  interest for me as an artist is that of natural places. I have painted rural as well as urban landscapes in New England, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Tennessee, Spain and France. I see myself in the tradition of American landscape painting. For me there is enjoyment in the use of the vocabulary of the late 19th and early 20th Century painters giving voice to the language of color. At times I work in large format in the five to six foot range and often my work is in a series of images on a given theme, whether on canvas or drawings.

The figure continues to play an important role in my art. I often have visual flashes – a sort of visual epiphany – and much of my work comes from such moments: an overhang of cliffs seen through a screen of trees on a hillside dappled with snow and ice; the graceful elegance of dancers; a play of light across rocks in a stream of water; sailors in a Breton sailing boat with raking light from an afternoon sun. At times I see a person with beautiful and/or intriguing qualities that I want to put down in paint or charcoal.

My work continues to evolve and the process of painting and drawing continues to intrigue and challenge me.

Gerald Morgan

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